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Social Engagement

Trainings for economic empowerment:

Our company is devoting special attention to improve the socio-economic conditions of rural areas in Lebanon and the Southern suburbs of Beirut.

We have helped the CRTDA—a local NGO—to train Women Cooperatives in rural, underdeveloped areas of Lebanon to produce traditional food products following national and international regulations of food quality and safety.

We are also engaged with a UNDP program to improve the conditions of small food producers in the Southern suburbs of Lebanon through various types of consultations.


Raw materials from local farmers:

Our company has given priority to improve the conditions of Lebanese farmers and has bought, when possible, raw materials from small farmers and Rural Women Cooperatives to produce different types of vinegars and fruit syrups.


Protect the Environment

We are committed to help protecting the environment throughout our daily practices and in the packaging and raw materials we use.

We are currently recycling our waste and by-products with the help of Sukleen, a Lebanese waste management company, as well as using stationeries and other materials from recycled and well managed trees.